sexta-feira, 20 de agosto de 2010

Liverpool <3<3
The best place, the best year, the best picture, the best family !!
2010, July it was the best because Liverpool change my life every day waking up and see the tired and happy and all kind of faces of this big family, every year, every summer we see a new world and we can meet new people and we can practice different languages and we can do all kind of things i love this family they mean so much for me all i need its be with them and i will be great, performing its great i love all i do and all i see with you people avaryone has a problem but taking that every one is great I love you people your part of me the other part its complet for someone really special (Malcolm Marcho) so its because of you family that i meet a wonderful guy its because of you that i miss someone its because of you that i've complet my dream its because of you and your going to be some of the persons that i want when  complet my dream !! I love you people !! if you need information or something just go My second best family !!

3 comentários:

  1. Yes, we are the best :)

    Eclodir Azul forever ***

  2. Sim são os melhores :D
    Mas os Percutunes não são nada maus :D
    Lindões sim <3